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Brel & Kjær - manufacturer of acoustical measurement equipment.

Audio Precision - manufacturer of professional audio test and measurement equipment.

Rohde & Schwarz - manufacturer of Audio, Video, and Broadcast Measuring Equipment.

Sound Technology, Inc. - manufacturer of PC-based Test & Measurement instruments.

Klippel Analyzer system. - PC-based system for loudspeaker driver nonlinear analysis.

DRA Labs - manufacturer of MLSSA - Acoustical Measurement Systems.

Audiomatica - manufacturer of CLIO electro-acoustic measurement system.

Aurora software - suite of software plug-ins for automated audio measurements and auralization.

Easera software - software for acoustic measurements.

KK international - manufacturer of loudspeaker test and measuring systems.

Liberty Instruments - maker of the Praxis audio measurement system.

Kirchner elektronik - manufacturer of ATB PC software for loudspeaker response measurements.

WinAudioMLS - software for room acoustics measurements.

Hobby Box - software for loudspeaker response measurements.

True RTA - realtime spectrum analyzer.

SATlive - software for audio measurements.

REW - software for room acoustical measurements.


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Spanish DIY audio forum

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