ARTA Software

ARTA software is a collection of programs for audio measurements and analysis in acoustical and communication systems.
ARTA software uses standard and professional PC sound cards for audio signal acquisition and generation. 

You can read ARTA as; Audio Real Time Analysis.

ARTA software contains three programs:

ARTA.EXE - program for the impulse response measurement, real-time spectrum analysis and frequency response measurements.

STEPS.EXE - program for frequency response measurements with stepped-sine excitation.
Simultaneously with a frequency response measurement the program estimates levels of 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and higher order harmonic distortions.

LIMP.EXE - program for the loudspeaker impedance measurement and loudspeaker parameters estimation.

ARTA has functions of following measurement systems:

Signal generator of random and deterministic signals
Impulse response measurement system
Frequency response measurement system
Fourier analyzer
Spectrum analyzer
THD analyzer
Storage scope

With calibrated microphone, ARTA can be used as a virtual IEC class 1 SPL meter with a real time modes:

Integrating SPL meter with 24 hours data logging,
Octave SPL meter with noise rating (NR, NC, PNC, RC,NCB),
Third octave SPL meter with report of loudness in sones and level in phones

ARTA is also a powerful analyzer of Gated impulse response, Smoothed frequency response (in 1/n-octave bands), Step response, Impulse response envelope (ETC curve), Cumulative spectral decay waterfall graphs and sonogram, Burst decay waterfall graphs and sonograms, Energy decay in reverberant environments, Room acoustical parameters, Directivity patterns, Speech intelligibility measures: MTF, STI, STIPA, %AL.

ARTA software contains User manuals for all its programs (see Install section).
Several Tutorials and Application Notes are presented in Support section.

Latest news:

March, 30, 2024; Important notice:

The selling of ARTA license key has been stopped.


March, 5, 2024; Important notice:

The lifetime of ARTA development has come to an end.

After more than twenty years of ARTA software development I decided to stop development and take care of myself.   

I have fullfilled my promise that ARTA users will get free update to all versions 1.x.x..


1) ARTA selling will be stopped on March, 30, 2024.

2) The firm ARTALABS be closed in April or May 2024.

3) The ARTALABS web site will be active until February, 2025. The last version and support files will be available for download.

4) I hope that you will be able to use ARTA software on Windows for many years (while Windows support 32-bit programs).

Best regards, Ivo Mateljan


December, 27, 2023; New contact email address is: artalabs@outlook,com,

December, 5, 2023; ARTA software version 1.9.7 is published.  (see  News and  Install sections).

For more details, see News section.

Screenshots from programs ARTA, LIMP and STEPS


Imp window

Figure 1. The ARTA window for impulse response analysis.


Imp setup

Figure 2. The dialog box for measurement of impulse response using four types of signals: periodic noise, swept-sine, MLS and external impulse.


Spectrum window

Figure 3. The ARTA spectrum analyzer window.


Energy decay

Figure 4. The Energy decay window with user interface for acoustical parameters estimation


CSD window

Figure 5. The Cumulative Spectral Decay of two-way loudspeaker box.


Burst Decay window

Figure 6. The Shaped Burst Decay response of two-way loudspeaker box


Directivity sonogram

Figure 7. The Directivity sonogram


LIMP window

Figure 8. The LIMP window for impedance measurement


STEPS window

Figure 9. The STEPS plot of frequency response, 2nd and 3rd harmonic distortion, measured with stepped-sine.

A sample from registered user list:

A sample list of well known registered users contains laboratories at Samsung Electronics, Phillips, Sony Corp., Siemens, Nokia, LG Electronics, Skype/Microsoft, Analog Devices, Maxim Semiconductors, Conexant Systems, Intel Technology - Poland, L-Acoustics, Beyerdynamic, Quadral, Genelec Oy, Ford Audio-Video, General Electric Global Research, Orban, Bose, Logitech, Visaton, Revox, MBL,QSC Audio Products LLC, Bang Olufsen - Deutschland ....